Korean Heritage Symposium 2022

Four First Thursdays at 7:30 pm (EST)

Live Streamed in KCSB Facebook or Register to join Zoom

March 3: Bojagi (Korean Wrapping Cloth) - recording

Chunghie Lee

Former Critic in RISD (retired); Founded Bojagi Forum, organizing bi-annual bojagi exhibition


Bojagi  is the Korean traditional embroidery , costumes and  wrapping  cloths, which are very interesting modes of expression in dye textiles and embroidery work varied according to family custom and use. The bold freedom from self -consciousness that suppresses personal desires, restraint , exaggero and hidden humor in the textile art of Korean women includes infinite beauty and mystery.

Chunghie Lee will explore her artistic world in traditional and contemporary bojagi in a zoom lecture, followed by Q/A.

Her speaking info in 2018 is at https://www.tsgny.org/meetings-december-2018-chunghie-lee.



April 7: Han-ji (Korean Traditional Paper) - recording

Joungkuk Lee

Majored in Asian Paining

Co-authored <Let’s go and watch winds, Sunwoo> (선우야, 바람 보러 가자) with his wife KyungOk Lee, meditator.


Joungkuk Lee will introduce the process of creating traditional Korean paper (Han-ji), his own artistic world, and

community education with diverse application of Han-ji.

Will be presented in a video with English subtitle. Q&A is not included.

June 2: Gugaki (Korean Traditional Instruments)

Soojung Shin

Researcher, National Gugak Center)

M.Music (Ethnomusicology) Goldsmiths University of London

Soojung Shin will tour the Korean Instrument Museum and show how artistic and philosophical aspects Korean Culture have embedded in instruments and contrast some instruments with Western instruments.



July 7: Minwha (Korean Folk Painting) [Rescheduled from May 5]

Sunglim Kim

Specializes in pre-modern and early 20th-century Korean art and culture.

Associate Prof., Dartmouth College

Sunglim Kim will lecture on what minwha is and explore historic background of the era when Minwha came about. A comparative analysis of Minwha and Korean painting will be included. A zoom lecture will be followed by a Q&A.