Korean Language Program

These resources are categorized according to subject matter - orthography (reading and writing the Korean alphabet), reading/reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and grammatical structures. Each category is further broken down according to learning level - beginner, intermediate, or advanced. There are four basic language learning styles: visual, aural, verbal, and kinesthetic. 

Visual learners rely on a visual medium - image, graphs, videos, to trigger “language data.” Aural learners have the unique ability to retain information by simply hearing it. Podcasts, movies, and audiobooks tend to serve aural learners the best. Verbal learners - simply put - learn best when using pen and paper. Kinesthetic learners find themselves learning the best through cultural immersion and travel. 

In general, learning kinesthetically - either through classroom or programmed immersion - is both the best and the least accessible method of learning a language. Thus, in preparing this self-study guide for learning the Korean language, we have done our best to primarily categorize according to the visual, aural, and verbal learning styles. 

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