Samulnori Fantasy: Seasons

Saturday, September 10 at 7:30 pm

Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory

30 Gainsborough St, Boston, MA



The Gugak Jazz Society is a global musical ensemble, creating a new platform where Korean traditional music collaborates with jazz and various other musical traditions.  Samulnori Fantasy: Seasons re-interprets the traditional Samulnori repertoires from Gyeonggi Province and the Youngnam region by the styles of Pansori (Korean musical storytelling), jazz, and gospel music. The Korean Samulnori tradition is reshaped by incorporating various contemporary musical terms of Gugak Jazz Society from Korea in collaboration with local musicians in Boston. The program features the four Samulnori instruments (jing, kkwaenggwari, janggu, buk), a Korean traditional vocalist (Pansori singer), two Korean wind instruments (piri, taepyungso), saxophones, the jazz rhythm section (piano, bass, drums) and a small gospel chorus. 

A Mina Cho's new composition will present a form of Pan’tata (a.k.a. Pansori Cantata, combining Korean and western musical storytelling genres) with a  story line that a teenage girl Wolsunnie. She has dreams and aspirations for being a musician, but undergoes a challenging time due to her unfortunate circumstances.  One day, in her dream, Wolsunnie enters the fantasy land of Moonstar, wherein she meets a musically talented rabbit named Rain, who must prepare musical shows every night with his friends to please the cynical and capricious queen of Moonstar.  The queen manipulates time so as to enjoy the night of the full moon and to feast every night.  Participating in the feast as a musician with Rain and his gospel choir, Wolsunnie comes to appreciate different aspects of time, seasons, and cycles of life.

Mina Cho first introduced the genre of Pan’tata in her composition Gilryungjeon (The Dream of Gilryung) premiered in 2019) and is Director of the Gugak Jazz Society which performed Pansori Cantata with a Jazz Orchestra, entitled GreeKorea "Greeting the Moon," in Korea



Samulnori Fantasy: Seasons

Mov I. The Night of the Full Moon


Mov II. Wolsunnie & Rabbit Gospel Choir


Mov III. 7th Byeoldalgeori Street