Experience the art of Korea through exhibition. See hundreds of years of Korean history displayed before your eyes in cold glossy vases, and colorfully detailed paintings. Or watch as a new generation of Korean artists help us experience the world through their eyes... 


~ 2019 ~


~ 2018 ~

The 9th KCG Exhibition

YoAhn Han: Alluring Confinement

The 8th KCG Exhibition

SMFA Graduates: The Notion


~ 2017 ~

The 7th KCG Exhibition

Jung Hur: Layers & Layers

The 6th KCG Exhibition

Misun Eom, Taekyu Lim: Unconscious Desire

The 5th KCG Exhibition

On-Kyeong Seong: Between the Threads


~ 2016 ~

The 4th KCG Exhibition

Chung-Im Kim & Soo Rye Yoo:


The 3th KCG Exhibition

Sawool Kim & Taeyoung Kim: Imagination

The 2th KCG Exhibition


~ 2015 ~


~ 2014 ~


~ 2013 ~