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KCSB Mission

  • Introduce and promote Korean arts and cultural forms to a broad spectrum of audiences

  • Promote and support professional Korean-American literary, visual, and musical artists, and to enhance education of Korean culture and arts.


Moon H. Yi, Treasurer

Christina Torrijos, Marketing Director

Liat Shapiro, Outreach Director


Donghee Ahn      

Stefan Gavell      

Jhung W. Jhung     

Catherine Kim     

Manok Kim       

Young Hwan Kim          

Jaeok Lee                        

Kyunghae Lee         

Thomas Lee               

Young J. Shin         


Gillam Ahn                   

Sekyo Haines              

Haillanne Kang    

Dina Kim             

Ok Kyung Kim     

Annie Lee

JJi In Lee               

Maria Leister     

Kyungae Lim         

Young Kim Shin 


Sonchu Gavell

Sunhee Hur

Byung Kim

Kwangsoo Kim

Yoo-Kyung Kim

Choong Lee          

Kilza Lee            

Chungpu Park    

Douglas Roth      

Lauren Woo


* Denotes Committee Chair

Donghee Ahn                                Gillam Ahn                        Sonchu Gavell

Stefan Gavell                                 Sekyo Haines                    Sunhee Hur

Jhung W. Jhung*                           Haillanne Kang                  Byung Kim

Catherine Kim                               Dina Kim                            Kwangsoo Kim

Manok Kim                                    Ok Kyung Kim                   Yoo-Kyung Kim

Young Hwan Kim                          Annie Lee                           Choong Lee          

Jaeok Lee                                        Ji In Lee                              Kilza Lee            

Kyunghae Lee                               Maria Leister                     Chungpu Park    

Thomas Lee                                   Kyungae Lim                     Douglas Roth      

Young J. Shin                                  Young Kim Shin                Lauren Woo



Jhung W. Jhung, Chairman of the Board

Served RI and New England Korean community over 50 years. Worked at Brown Medical School, Memorial Hospital, and Kent Hospital.


Byung Kim, President

Computer Science faculty in Univ. of Mass. Lowell

Mija Yun, Vice President

Mooje Sung, Gen. Secretary

Jesung Kim, Secretary

Mun H. Yi, Treasurer

A.D. Herzel, Development Director

Liat Shapiro, Outreach Director

Christina Torrijos, Marketing Director

Music Committee

Hyun-ji Kwon                 Yoo-Kyung Kim            Yoo Sun Na*         

Minkyung Oh                 Lauren Woo                 Catherine Kim               Ji Yung Lee

Arts Committee

Sunhee Hur*                            Ahram Kim                      Heejung Kim     

Jaeok Lee                                  Catherine Min                 Young Kim Shin   

Leah Tung*

Literature Committee

Seung H. Jeon                          Sun-Hee Lee                   Sandra Lim