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Our Mission

Founded in October, 2012, the Korean Cultural Society of Boston (KCSB) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and provides opportunities for the Greater Boston area to learn and engage with arts, culture, and heritage of Korea while simultaneously empowering and promoting the Korean American community.​


Byung Kim

Computer Science faculty at University of Massachusetts (Lowell)


Jhung W. Jhung
Chairman of the Board

Served RI and New England Korean community for over 50 years. 

Caroline Yang, Executive Director

Soo-Hee Park, Treasurer

Sangmi Lee, Community Coordinator

Olivia Gebski, Social Media Strategist


Gillam Ahn

Sonchu Gavell

Stefan Gavell

Insuk Jang

Mindy Jeon

Jhung W. Jhung*

Hailanne Kang

Byung Kim

Caterhine Kim

Dina Kim

Kwang-Soo Kim

Manok Kim

Ok Kyung Kim

Yoo-Kyung Kim

Young Hwan Kim

Annie Lee

Jaeok Lee

Kang Pil Lee

Kilza Lee

Kyunghae Lee

Sangmi Lee

Kyungae Lim

Chungpu Park

Douglas Roth

Young Kim Shin

Leah Tung

Advisory Board

Wha Kyung Byun

Judith Eissenberg

Bo Youp Hwang
Jung-Ja Kim

Soovin Kim

Sunglim Kim

Texu Kim

YeeSun Kim

David McCann
HaeSun Paik
Soorye Yoo

Board Emeritus

Donghee Ahn

Sekyo Nam Haines

Choong Lee

Literature Committee


Arts Committee


Jin Chyung

Yunhee Hong

Sunhee Hur

Gina Kang

Minhee Kim

Hyunhee Lee

Jaeok Lee * (Chair)

Sangjeong Lee

Young Kim Shin

Leah Tung

Music Committee

Yoo-Kyung Kim

Hyun-Ji Kwon

Ji Yung Lee

Yoo Sun Na* (Chair)

Minyung Oh

Lauren Woo

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